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Software Developer - Position ID 03152021

Software Developer Position Details

Duties include:

  • Analyzing, determining Business Requirements to address a wide range of complex business scenarios and involve in several business requirement meetings in preparation of project requirements and design documentation.
  • Designing and developing client applications for the rule apps using ODM Rules Designer 8.8.1. Developing and maintaining critical rule flows with nested sub flows involved.
  • Designing Java object model (XOM), Business Object Model(BOM) and ruleset Parameters in Rule Designer using XSDs.
  • Developing XSD Execution object model for Business rules development and redesign XSD schemas based on the business requirements.
  • Development of Business rules(BAL), Technical rules (TRL), and Decision Table rules in Rule Designer.
  • Publishing the business rules to Decision Center and synchronizing the rules with Rule designer.
  • Providing the Rule reports to business based on new changes in rules. Detailed design and developed XML structure to interact with ruleset.
  • Develop client applications with real time data feed that needed for rule executions. Working with Junit for unit testing to test client rule apps by making use of custom designed java packages specific to the client applications.
  • Code Review to make sure all the rules are coded as per the code Guidelines and best practices. Working with DbVisualizer 9.1.11 and SQL Server 2016 to develop and execute SQL queries on the database to process XML dataset files

Position requires a master’s degree in Computer Science


Work location: Farmington, MI


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